Executive Recruiting Firm Sees Resume Formatting Process Speed Up ‘Massively’ Thanks to iReformat!

Software Also Reduces Stress & Helps Build Calmer Work Environment

Georgie Whitford, engagement and admin lead at ecap, says resume, or CV, formatting was previously taking around an hour but has now been reduced to just 10 to 15 minutes at the company, including all the additional content edits.

The big difference between now and before? Ecap purchased iReformat, the automatic resume formatting software that simplifies and speeds up resume formatting for busy recruiters.

In fact, Whitford’s exact words were that iReformat “helps speed the formatting process up massively!”

Here’s How iReformat Works:

iReformat works with multiple file formats and allows users to input guidelines so that resumes are formatted to look the way they want each and every time.

The convenience of iReformat allows a company’s staff members to then spend more time focusing on other aspects of their job instead of spending all their time doing resume formatting.

For example, thanks to iReformat being used at ecap “we are able to increase productivity and focus on other areas of the business,” Whitford said.

3 Big Benefits Produced by iReformat:

  1. Speeds up the process of formatting CVs.

As we stated earlier, ecap saw a significant decrease in the time it took to format resumes. This helped ease the burdens placed on staff members and allowed the company to achieve higher levels of productivity.

Ecap saw a savings of at least 45 minutes per resume. This time savings resulted in much greater productivity for the company as staff members were able to spend more time with candidates and doing other important tasks and less time on resumes.

  1. Enables work rate to be increased and kept consistent.

Another big benefit of using iReformat, Whitford said, is that it helps staff members work faster and get more done consistently day in and day out. In the past, workers would often get bogged down trying to format a particularly difficult CV but iReformat eliminated that common obstacle by making it easy to format CVs of all file types.

With iReformat, users can enter formatting guidelines to ensure uniform formatting across CVs. This is not only a big time saver but also helps a company improve its branding and establish a greater professional appearance.

  1. Helps all staff use the same process.

This benefit is another way that iReformat helps companies establish a greater, more consistent professional appearance as all resumes can quickly and easily be formatted similarly.

It also reduces training time as staff members don’t have to learn multiple formatting techniques. They can just use iReformat to get the job done fast and properly.

The Bottom Line…

Ecap derives its name from the words ‘Executive Capital’, which the company considers to be the most important growth capital a business can secure.

Ecap has become widely known as one of the most prominent executive search consultants in the Middle East. The company has over 20 years of emerging and frontier market experience, and, 30 years of leadership assessment, talent acquisition and executive recruitment experience.

Accredited in Leadership Profiling and Performance Management assessment, ecap recognizes the gap in the market for a more innovative, modern and efficient way of assessing an individual or a workforce and is filling that gap – now with the help of iReformat.

“If you require a tool to help speed up productivity, create uniform CVs and produce a fantastic product you have to use iReformat,” Whitford said.“If you require a tool to help speed up productivity, create uniform CVs and produce a fantastic product you have to use iReformat,” Whitford said.

Whitford went on to say that where before resume formatting could be stressful because it required extensive time that could (and often should) have been used for other tasks, iReformat changed that.

This software “takes stress away and enables a calmer environment,” Whitford said. That calmer, less stressful environment means happier employees and more work getting done with higher quality results.

In other words, getting iReformat can be good for both companies and its employees.

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!