FGP Recruiters Find More Time for Revenue-Generating Activities Thanks to iReformat

The Recruiters Also Find They Are Able to Offer Solutions to Clients in a More Rapid Manner

FGP, or Find Great People, found that manually formatting resumes was taking up too much of staff members’ time and keeping the organization from being as efficient as possible.

A thorough search online led Director of Professional Staffing Megan Graham to iReformat.

Graham was looking for a way for her and her staff to format resumes faster and also more consistently … and iReformat not only accomplished those goals but delivered other benefits to the recruiting company as well.

Graham says: “If you would like to gain time back in your support or recruiting seats for more revenue generating activity, iReformat is definitely worth considering.”

How iReformat Works:

iReformat makes all of the following available with a few simple mouse clicks:

  • Faster, easier resume formatting that allows overworked recruiters to gain greater control of their time so they are able to get more done
  • Greater efficiency thanks to resume formatting now taking just seconds instead of 15 minutes to half an hour or more
  • Plus, recruiters reduce stress and the company enjoys financial savings thanks to the software’s state-of-the-art automation

Specific iReformat Benefits Experienced by FGP

Graham explains that the company has received a number of benefits from using iReformat, including all of the following:

  • Time Savings – Before getting iReformat, company recruiters were spending an average of 15 minutes per resume on formatting. With iReformat that time was cut to just seconds. Then with additional spelling, editing and grammar checks the whole process took just five minutes maximum. That savings of 10 minutes per resume added up quickly and enabled recruiters to devote more time to other important tasks like getting more paying clients.
  • Cost efficiency – Graham says she and her team quickly saw the value in iReformat. Thanks to its low cost and its many benefits, investing in the software provided almost immediate ROI (return on investment). No longer were recruiters spending so much of their valuable time on manual resume formatting. Now they were free to get more done.
  • Quality outcomes – Another great thing about iReformat is that it delivers consistent, high quality formatted resumes. Now clients knew exactly what they were getting from the company and thus were able to more easily find important information. The consistent formatting also boosted FGP’s branding efforts – giving the company an even higher professional appearance.

The Bottom Line …

FGP’s purpose is to build great companies through great people. Whether it’s finding or growing people, the company helps its clients “achieve great.” The company prides itself on being focused on growth and grounded in gratitude.

Over four decades, FGP has evolved from a niche executive search firm into a vibrant growth company, with diverse talent solutions. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. The company is still driven by a powerful sense of gratitude and a people-first approach. Company officials believe that is what makes the FGP dedicated and different.

Thanks to its selection of iReformat, FGP was able reduce one of the biggest things taking up staff members valuable time and allow them to better focus on the company mission.

Graham says about iReformat:

“Manual resume formatting can be a serious drain on recruiters’ time and energy. With iReformat we were able to dramatically reduce both of those things so that recruiters could focus in on other revenue-generating activities.”

“There is a lot we like about iReformat – from the way it has helped us streamline our efficiency to how it has helped us achieve greater consistency and branding in our resumes to how it has helped us provide solutions to clients in a more rapid manner. We are certainly glad that we chose iReformat for our resume formatting and highly recommend it to other recruiting agencies.”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!