Breakthrough Resume Processing Software from Recruiteze Saves Countless Hours & is Well Worth the Money!

“Now I can change the format of an entire resume (whether
it is a Word doc or PDF) in less than 15 seconds,”
Brian Morgan, ACI Learning.

Brian Morgan, National Employment Engagement Manager at ACI Learning, had a problem – it was taking him and his staff of 14 at least an hour and a half each to produce a client resume.

“I work with a team of recruiters who help students prepare technology resumes,” Brian says. “If we all wrote 1 resume per week, on average, this would consume 22-23 hours of our team’s time …

Brian knew there had to be a better, more efficient way and his search ultimately led him to Recruiteze’s breakthrough resume processing software – iReformat.

What used to consume 22 to 23 hours of his staff’s time each week now only takes a total of less than 2 hours.

The iReformat Difference …

One of the biggest “time sucks” for recruiters today is resume formatting. iReformat is uniquely designed to help recruiters get out from under this burden and gain more time to focus on other tasks.

Morgan says that thanks to iReformat what used to take him or a staff member an hour and a half can now be done in a fraction of that time.

That’s tremendous time savings – and it’s all thanks to this new resume processing software!

“Saving time always helps a business run more efficiently,” Morgan said. “We can use this extra time to generate business leads or provide our students with more personalized training surrounding their job searches. In short, everybody wins!”

How iReformat Works …

iReformat has been carefully designed to allow resumes to be consistently formatted in minutes instead of hours.

Here’s how it works: Once the resume is uploaded, it is analyzed and a selected template is applied to generate a fully formatted resume.

Here is what Morgan has to say about this powerful resume processing software:

“It can be very difficult to reformat an existing resume, especially if it is saved as a PDF. iReformat allows you to take a PDF, of any other file format that I have seen, and easily convert it into an editable Word document.”

Morgan went on to say, “In that conversion process, it can even make changes, such as bolding titles, employment dates, locations and skill sets.”

In other words, with iReformat recruiters are able to spend less time doing tedious manual tasks and more time submitting candidates to their clients!

Stop Spending Hours Reformatting Resumes

It’s a problem most recruiters know all too well – manually reformatting a batch of resumes to match client requests can take hours, and if you have multiple clients with different formatting requirements, you’ll have to repeat the process all over again!

Now with iReformat you can have that time back, and spend it getting other important work done.

iReformat also offers other benefits to users. In addition to saving time and making their jobs easier, Morgan cited another benefit that came with using iReformat:

“This product allows you to make consistent and professional resumes, no matter how skilled you are,” Morgan said. “If you are just getting started writing resumes, you can select a pre-scripted template, and the system automatically gives you a nice template to write over. This tool has really elevated the professionalism that we project to our clients.”

There is No Substitute for iReformat

Morgan says that prior to using iReformat, he tried a competitor’s software program that didn’t cut any time from the resume writing process. “It mostly helped with the appearance of content that was already written,” he said. That means Morgan and his staff were left to write resumes by hand.

Now iReformat has changed that.

“One of the great things about this software is that it works very fast,” Morgan said. “Once the templates are uploaded and everything is ready to use, the software can reformat a resume in less than 10 seconds. It can totally transform a resume into a pre-designed template and it works flawlessly. I wish I would have known about iReformat a long time ago. It is a great product … and it is priced competitively.”

The Bottom Line:

At ACI Learning, where hundreds of resumes are written per month for students, iReformat has proven to be invaluable.

Morgan says this resume processing software has saved “countless hours” and “works exactly as advertised!”

“With this software, I can make slight modifications and produce a fully completed resume in minutes – and that’s a process that used to take over an hour.”

The Final Word

Morgan summed up his experience with iReformat this way:

“I would highly recommend this to any agency recruiter, staffing firm, or resume preparation business; you will not be disappointed. The system is easy to use and the customer service is top notch as well!

“It is definitely well worth the money. iReformat can be customized like nothing else on the market and will save you a significant amount of time. Plus, you will be able to produce identical work, while using a fraction of the time to do so.”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!