Use of iReformat Leads to Increased Sales & Revenue for Recruiting Firm

Staff Gain More Time to Better Deal With Candidates

Jane Medcraft says her company, Affinity Group, an IT recruitment and consulting organization, has received far-reaching benefits from its decision to get iReformat.

Medcraft says previously company recruiters had to spend too much of their time on resume formatting and that was limiting the amount of time they had to deal directly with candidates.

This time crunch ultimately limited the amount of revenue the company was able to produce and also affected employee morale and client satisfaction.

But since getting iReformat that has all changed … Now staff members are spending a fraction of the time they used to on formatting resumes and thus have much more time to put candidates forward for open positions.

That means staff feel less stressed and candidates are happier with the increased attention and faster results they are seeing.

How iReformat Works:

iReformat automates and simplifies resume formatting for busy recruiters so that they have more time to focus on other important aspects of their job.

The software works with multiple file formats and allows users to input guidelines so that resumes are formatted to look the way they want each and every time.

Businesses gain greater professional consistency and branding while giving staff the extra time needed to boost revenue.

In other words, using this software is a “win-win” for companies looking to go to the next level.

More Benefits Provided by iReformat:

Medcraft revealed several benefits that Affinity Group received by using iReformat to reformat resumes. Among those benefits were:

  • Time saved – As we mentioned earlier, the software allows staff to format resumes in a fraction of the time it was taking them to do so manually. Now they are able to just click a few buttons to get a resume formatted in the company’s preferred manner instead of having to tediously go through the resume line by line.
  • Ease of use – Medcraft explained that not only is iReformat very easy to use but that it converts resumes from PDF format straight into the company’s formatting in a flash. This eliminates lots of frustrating time waste.
  • Consistent formatting – “We have achieved a much higher degree of consistent branding across our company thanks to iReformat,” Medcraft said. With iReformat putting a resume into template form is quick and easy.
  • Top-notch customer service – Medcraft said “iReformat also provides great customer service.” This helps companies feel at home using the software and ensures they are able to take full advantage of the software’s features to produce consistently formatted resumes that meet or exceed their high standards.

The Bottom Line…

Affinity is a full-service Information Technology agency that takes a unique approach to recruiting. They believe recruiting is about creating long-term relationships that foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

The company’s services include staffing, where they help clients recruit IT employees & IT contractors, and consulting, where the company delivers IT projects and service outcomes.

Affinity prides itself on being transparent, flexible, efficient, and agile. It achieves that last quality, agility, through the utilization of the best tools and technology – such as iReformat.

iReformat turns an often frustrating and time-consuming activity into something that can be accomplished in just minutes and with the click of a few buttons.

“At Affinity Group, we highly recommend iReformat because the software is very easy to use and saves the team lots of time,” Medcraft said. “All the time saved means our recruitment team can speak to more candidates and put more people forward for positions. This, in turn, leads to increased sales and revenue.”

“The use of iReformat has also led to less stress for recruiters in getting resumes ready and across to the Account Managers,” Medcraft said. “So if you are thinking about getting iReformat I say ‘go for it!’ This software is very easy to use, it really does save time, and the company provides great customer service.”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!