From 30 Minutes to Just 1 Minute – Resume Formatting Service Saves Cerecore Recruiters Major Time & Profits!

iReformat Eliminates Manual, Labor Intensive Steps & Allows Company’s Recruiters to Reformat Resumes Much Faster & Much Easier

When recruiters at Cerecore, which provides a litany of services to hospitals and health systems – including technical staffing and HER implementations – wanted to improve efficiency they turned to iReformat.

“Before we had iReformat, we had to format resumes to meet our branding standards through manual and labor-intensive steps,” said Cerecore Manager Mia Casey. “Fortunately, we found iReformat on Google and it has been a fantastic value-add for our team!”

Now instead of wasting half an hour or more per resume, Mia and her team are able to completely reformat resumes in a minute or less.

So What Exactly is iReformat & How Does it Work?

iReformat is a resume formatting service that enables users to quickly and easily reformat resumes to ensure consistency and quality.

In the past, busy recruiters had to manually reformat resumes to meet company branding guidelines.

This slow, often frustrating, process, typically leads to busy recruiters feeling overwhelmed and stressed because they are spending too much time reformatting and not enough time getting other important work done.

With iReformat, they are able to drastically reduce the time they spend reformatting.

For example, Mia said that thanks to iReformat, her and her team at Cerecore:

“Are better able to devote our time to sourcing and speaking with top talent as opposed to spending time with editing and refreshing their resume to meet our brand standards before presenting it to a client.”

More Benefits of iReformat

In addition to freeing up recruiters to work on other important tasks, this resume formatting service offers several other benefits.

According to Mia, specific additional benefits experienced at Cerecore include all of the following:

Additional Benefit #1 – Ease of Use

One of the great things user after a user says about iReformat is that it is incredibly easy to use. This resume formatting service has a friendly and intuitive user interface that allows recruiters to quickly convert a document, including PDFs and other file types, to the company’s standard formatting.

Here is what Mia had to say: “For us at Cerecore, the software’s Word add-on feature, in particular, makes it super easy to use and convert a document into our necessary brand standards.”

Additional Benefit #2 – Smoother, Faster Standardization

Depending on the file format of a resume, achieving standardization can be especially frustrating. For example, it can be especially difficult to reformat a resume that is in a PDF file. iReformat takes care of that by allowing users to put the resume into a Word document that makes standardizing much faster.

Suddenly, instead of struggling to standardize documents or accepting less than the best standardization, recruiters are able to achieve a company-wide standardization that increases professionalism and builds credibility.

Additional Benefit #3 – Cost Savings

Another great benefit of iReformat is that it pays for itself many times over thanks to how it simplifies a recruiter’s reformatting work and saves them time.

Here is what Mia had to say about this benefit: “We have been able to save lots of money by needing fewer resources to help with our resume reformatting efforts!”

The Bottom Line

CereCore prides itself on knowing firsthand the power that aligned technology can provide in delivering care. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of HCA, they are committed to bringing the expertise they have gained as operators to deliver IT services that emphatically address the needs of health systems across the United States.

Now the company’s focus on state-of-the-art technology, which led to its selection of iReformat to simplify resume reformatting, is allowing it to enjoy even greater recruiting success.

Employees save time and get more done while building the company’s professional appearance – and it’s all thanks to iReformat the ultimate resume processing service.

The Final Word

Mia says that her team of nine is benefiting greatly from iReformat and that she also appreciates the company’s highly responsive customer service.

She says: “iReformat is a reliable, user-friendly, and easy way to brand and format a resume. I would recommend this tool to others! Plus, iReformat has amazing customer service and has been a wonderful tool for us to utilize.”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!