Talent Acquisition at TechGuard Security is much more efficient

iReformat Delivers More Efficient, More Cost-Effective Resume Formatting! 

Recruiters See Resume Formatting Software Decrease

Time Spent on Resumes to Just Less than a Minute! 

Recruiters for TechGuard Security who were used to spending a half-hour or more manually reformatting resumes saw that time drop to less than a minute with the introduction of iReformat. 

So What is iReformat?

It’s a breakthrough resume formatting software that allows recruiters to automatically reformat resumes from any file type to any other file type – for example, from PDF to Microsoft Word – in a mere matter of minutes. 

Users can say goodbye to tedious, frustrating manual typing and cutting and pasting of resumes and instead have all that done for them automatically. 

In addition, templates can be created and used in iReformat to ensure a consistent and professional look across an agency’s resumes. 

This can result in greater end-user satisfaction and greater respect for the professionalism of the recruiting agency. 

TechGuard Recruiters Saw 3 Big Benefits from the Use of iReformat! 

Julie Wolfe, the Talent Acquisitions Business Partner for TechGuard, says iReformat resume formatting software produced immediate benefits for her and her team. 

Those benefits include: 

  • Much more efficient resume formatting – time spent formatting dropped from over 30 minutes to just 1 to 3 minutes
  • Ease of use – Wolfe says iReformat is extremely easy to use, even complete newbies can get up to speed fast
  • Cost-effectiveness – iReformat saves busy recruiters time so they can get more done. With its low cost, iReformat quickly pays for itself

Another great benefit that Wolfe and others have mentioned when it comes to iReformat, is the high-quality customer service that they receive.

The iReformat team is highly responsive and quick to take action to help recruiters get the most benefits from using the software. 

The Bottom Line… 

TechGuard Security is an ISO 9001:2015-registered, certified SDB, DBE, and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise that was founded to address national cyber defense initiatives and US critical infrastructure security.

That mission, along with its vision to be globally recognized as the leading innovator of cyberspace technology and services, requires top-flight talent. 

iReformat allows Wolfe and others to spend more time finding that top talent by taking the previously time-consuming task of resume formatting and making it much, much faster and easier.

The Final Word…


Wolfe had this to say about iReformat resume formatting software: 

“I would highly recommend using iReformat for any resume templating your company needs to do. It saves a lot of time and formatting challenges you might come across by doing it manually.”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!