Medical Recruiters See Resume Formatting Time Drop from 20-40 Minutes to Less Than 1 Minute With iReformat!

Recruiters Also Gain At Least 60 Minutes Per Day in Additional Time

Rakesh Kamdar, president of DB Healthcare IT, says his recruiters were struggling to format resumes and calls the manual process they were using “time consuming and tedious.”

The good news for Rakesh and his staff is that a Google search led him to iReformat.

Rakesh says that after implementing iReformat in his business, recruiters saw an immediate time savings of at least 60 minutes a day per recruiter and at the same time the software also provided the company with consistent employer branding.

How iReformat Works:

iReformat works on most file types allowing recruiters to quickly put formatted resumes into an easily editable Word file (or another file type).

Plus, iReformat allows the user to automate formatting changes to ensure a consistent resume look across an agency.

The benefits of this powerful software proved plentiful for DB Healthcare IT.

Benefits Realized by DB Healthcare IT

  •  Time Savings – This was one of the biggest and most noticeable benefits experienced by recruiters at DB Healthcare IT. Prior to iReformat’s arrival, recruiters were spending an average of 20 minutes to 40 minutes on formatting per resume. After iReformat, that time plummeted to less than 1 minute. Rakesh says his recruiters gained at least 60 minutes of time each a day. They could then use that time to better communicate with clients, candidates, and prospects.
  • Consistent branding – Another big benefit that DB Healthcare IT received from iReformat is consistent formatting and branding across resumes. This further improved the company’s professional appearance and allowed them to establish consistent branding. Now, thanks to iReformat, the company’s clients began receiving consistently formatted resumes. So they could know immediately if it was a resume from DB Healthcare IT and where to look for important information so that they didn’t have to search for it.
  •  Less stress – With the current highly competitive recruitment market, less stress for the employees was a terrific benefit delivered by this easy to use software. Plus, iReformat gave the company the ability to onboard new recruiters easily and stress-free, since the use of the program became part of the company’s process. There was no longer any need to train new employees on the company’s template and branding guidelines – they were all taken care of by iReformat.
  •  Greater efficiency – iReformat not only streamlines resume formatting but it also makes it easy for users to add to formatting automations so that the end product gets better and better while recruiters spend less and less time in the formatting process. In other words, this is a tool that can grow with a company – and that has certainly been the case at DB Healthcare IT which has used the software to consistently improve the quality of the resumes it delivers to clients.

The Bottom Line…

Founded in 2001, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, DB Healthcare IT specializes in consulting and staff augmentation services to hospitals, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical research, genomics and medical devices companies nationwide.

The company focuses on building a relationship with each individual consultant to understand their personal and professional needs, and identify the right projects, location and compensation structure meeting needs.

Rakesh had numerous great things to say about iReformat and the benefits it has offered his company.

“We saw a return on investment within 15 days of subscribing to the service,” Rakesh says. “iReformat is a very valuable tool to have in any staffing organization. It has helped us save countless hours of time and resulted in an increase in placements.

“Plus, the team is constantly making improvements through iReformat and the outcomes are getting better and better. I highly recommend iReformat to anyone looking to streamline the resume formatting process.”

“This is a great tool for any staffing agency to streamline the process of formatting. It is one less thing to think about in the fast-paced recruitment space. We are able to research and find passive candidates and provide better candidate experience to our current pool of talent.’

Rakesh added that iReformat also comes ready to use and is issue-free.

“This tool literally does not require any customer support. It just works every time. We have not called customer support once after we signed up, other than to provide feedback for ongoing improvements.”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!