Resume Formatting Tool ‘Pays for Itself Within One Week’!

iReformat Produces Time, Money Savings for Talent Compliance

Talent Compliance Senior Recruiter Craig Charyak says that when it comes to formatting resumes what used to take him approximately an hour can now be done in under 2-3 minutes!

What’s changed for Craig?

He found iReformat, that’s what.

So What Exactly is iReformat?

iReformat is a powerful resume reformatting tool that allows recruiters to dramatically slash the time it takes them to format resumes before they are able to be submitted to end clients.

With iReformat what used to take an hour or more can now be done in mere minutes.

That’s because this highly effective software can transform any file type, including difficult-to-handle PDFs, into Word or another easy to use format while also standardizing important features.

The end result is that thanks to this breakthrough resume formatting tool recruiters spend minutes achieving a standard format instead of much, much longer.

This, in turn, gives them much more time to focus on other important matters. No longer do recruiters have to spend most of their time on formatting … now they can enjoy real work flexibility.

More Benefits of Using iReformat

Craig says his use of iReformat has lead to three big benefits that he began noticing right away:

Benefit #1 – Time savings
This is one of iReformat’s biggest benefits. It takes what is often tedious, stressful, frustrating work and simplifies the work so that it can be completed in minutes. Most iReformat users like Craig appreciate this benefit so much that they can’t help but wonder how they ever got along without this resume formatting tool in the past.
iReformat is great for improving work-life balance and improving work efficiency.

Benefit #2 – Increased consistency
A second benefit of using iReformat is that it makes it much easier for recruiters to maintain consistency across resumes. End clients love this because it makes it much easier to compare and contrast resumes and find important information.
As a result, end clients often come to see recruiters who use iReformat as being more professional as well as more competent at their jobs.

Benefit #3 – Improved submission time
A third great benefit of using iReformat is that it dramatically reduces the time it takes to submit resumes to end clients. And faster resume submission boosts end client satisfaction!

But Wait, There’s More…

One more great thing about iReformat is that it can be customized to a company’s look and standards. That’s right, it offers automated resume formatting.

That means that while reformatting a resume it can also make changes so that a consistent appearance is achieved in the finished product. 

This way a recruiter’s resumes can all look the same … or offices with multiple recruiters can enjoy consistent branding and formatting across the entire staffing agency!

With this resume formatting tool, recruiters save valuable time and the satisfaction of end clients soars because they appreciate being able to receive standardized resumes, which makes them much easier to assess.

The Final Word

Craig says this about using iReformat:
“I highly recommend iReformat to my peers. This resume formatting tool is fantastic and Murali and his team are able to customize the look to your specific preferences!”

Stop formatting resumes manually and get back to the work that you do best!